8 Questions You Should Ask Your Digital Marketing Agency Before Hiring

8 Questions You Should Ask Your Digital Marketing Agency Before Hiring

When looking to hire a digital marketing agency, it is essential to ensure that you make the best possible decision. It is important to ask the right questions in order to determine the best fit for your company. 

While it may seem overwhelming, these 8 questions will help you find the ideal digital marketing agency that can create the most effective strategy for your business. Knowing what to ask and what to look for will ensure that you make the most informed decision possible. Asking these questions will give you insight into the experience, expertise, and qualifications of the digital marketing agency. In addition, these questions will provide you with an understanding of how well the agency can serve your unique needs and objectives. Taking the time to ask these 8 questions before you make your final decision is well worth it in the long run.

  1. What is the agency’s experience?

The first question you should ask your digital marketing agency is about their experience. As with any business, experience is important when it comes to digital marketing. You want to make sure the agency you are considering has a proven track record of success. 

Find out how long the agency has been in business and what types of clients they have served in the past. Ask for examples of successful campaigns they’ve managed and the results they achieved. This will help you determine whether the agency has the knowledge and expertise to meet your needs. 

Inquire about their specific skillset and processes. Knowing how they work and how they measure success will ensure that your objectives are met. Make sure the agency is well-versed in the latest technologies and trends in digital marketing. It is important to ensure that they can provide the best solutions for your unique needs. 

Finally, ask the agency about their communication protocols and the frequency of reports they provide. Knowing that they will keep you informed and updated on the progress of your campaigns will help you stay on top of your investment.

  1. What is the agency’s track record?

When selecting a digital marketing agency, the agency’s track record should be a key factor in your decision. Ask for a list of past campaigns and their results, as well as references from any previous clients. This will help you determine the agency’s experience level, as well as their ability to deliver on their promises. Additionally, ask for data and analytics from their past campaigns, as this will help you understand their approach to digital marketing and how successful it has proven to be. 

Asking for case studies or successful examples of campaigns they’ve conducted will help you get a better understanding of the agency’s capabilities. Finally, ask for a detailed breakdown of their services and what you can expect from the agency if you decide to hire them.

  1. What services does the agency offer?

When evaluating a digital marketing agency, you should ask them to detail exactly what services they offer. Many agencies provide a wide range of services, such as website design and development, SEO, content marketing, display and video advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, and more. 

It’s important to know exactly what services they offer and the level of involvement they will have in each. Be sure to ask what kind of experience they have with each service, and if they can provide references from past or current clients. This will help you get a better understanding of the agency and their capabilities. 

Ask the agency to explain their process and how they will be managing each service, as well as what metrics they will use to measure success. Knowing the experience and level of expertise they have in each service will help you determine if they are the right fit for your company. Asking questions about their methods and approaches will help you to understand their strategies and make sure they align with your business goals.

  1. What strategies does the agency use?

When it comes to hiring a digital marketing agency, it is important to know the strategies they employ to get the best results. The team should be able to provide you with a strategy document outlining how they will approach your marketing goals. This should be comprehensive, covering everything from the tactics they will use to the technologies they will employ and the deadlines they will set. 

You should also ask the agency to explain their procedures for testing and tracking results, so you can be sure that the strategies they’re using are effective in helping you reach your organizational goals. It is also important to ask what kind of customer service they provide and how quickly they will react to any changes you want to make in your digital marketing plan. 

Finally, you should ask them to provide you with detailed reports on the performance of your campaigns, so that you can stay on top of how your strategy is performing.

  1. What is the agency’s pricing structure?

Knowing how your digital marketing agency plans to charge you is essential. Most agencies will want to set up a retainer agreement, where you pay the agency a set fee each month for a certain number of hours of work. Some agencies might also use a commission-based model, where the agency only gets paid if certain objectives are achieved. 

Ask about the agency’s pricing structure and make sure you understand exactly how much you will be charged each month, as well as what services are included in the fee. 

Also, ask about any extra fees that you may be charged for extra services, such as SEO optimization or website development. Your digital marketing agency should be transparent about their pricing so that you know exactly what you are paying for.

Finally, do not forget to ask about any potential discounts or promotions they may offer. Knowing the costs associated with a digital marketing campaign can help you budget accordingly and make sure you get the most for your money.

  1. What is the timeline for projects?

Knowing the timeline for any digital marketing projects is essential before hiring a digital marketing agency. You will want to be aware of the process from start to finish, from the initial research and planning stages, to the design and development of the project, to the testing and launch. It is important to be aware of any potential issues that may arise, and to plan for them accordingly. It is also important to be aware of deadlines, so that you can review the project and make any necessary changes before it goes live. 

Asking about the timeline for projects will help you plan for any potential issues and ensure that the project is completed on time. Further, you should also inquire about their processes and procedures for monitoring and measuring the success of a digital marketing campaign. This way, you can easily compare the results of different campaigns and make decisions based on which ones perform best. 

  1. How does the agency measure success?

When considering a digital marketing agency, it’s important to ask how they measure success. You want to know that your investment in the agency is paying off, so you will want to know what kind of metrics they use to evaluate the effectiveness of their work. Some of the most important metrics to consider include website traffic and user engagement, social media follower growth, search engine rankings, and conversions. 

Additionally, it is important to ask what kind of reporting they provide and how often. This will help you understand progress and measure success over time. You should also ask if they offer content creation and optimization services, providing insight into how they can make the most of your content and how they measure the impact of the content. Having a good understanding of how they are tracking their progress is essential for making sure you are getting good value for your money.

  1. What is the scope of the services offered?

When looking for a digital marketing agency to work with, it is important to understand the scope of their services. Ask the agency to provide a list of services they offer. This should include a broad overview of the types of services they offer, such as SEO, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, content creation and more. 

Make sure to ask about any additional services that may be necessary for your project, such as analytics, A/B testing, or website design. It’s also important to find out what the agency’s process is for collaborating with clients. Ask which platforms they use, such as Slack or Google Hangouts, and find out how often they communicate with clients.  

You want to make sure you will be able to reach them with any questions or concerns you have throughout the process. Also, ask about the team’s experience and find out what type of customer service they provide. You want to make sure the agency you are hiring is experienced and can provide timely and attentive customer service. 

Finally, ask about the agency’s strategies for success, such as their approach to SEO, content marketing, and social media management. This will help you get an understanding of how they work and what strategies they use to achieve the best results.


Hiring a digital marketing agency can be a great way to expand your reach and grow your business. However, it’s important to do your due diligence before signing on the dotted line. Make sure to ask the right questions to ensure you understand their services, capabilities, and how they measure success. Doing this will help you find the right marketing agency to fit your needs and help you reach your business goals.


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